Earn money from Affiliate Marketing

 Affiliate marketing is a very good option to earn money sitting at home, if you become expert in affiliate marketing, then you can earn lakhs of rupees monthly sitting at home, and you do not need to spend even a single rupee in this, you are an affiliate of any company.  You can join the program for free and start earning money.  But before that, know what is affiliate marketing and how to earn money from it.

What is Affiliate Marketing -

 Which are big e-commerce companies like Amazone, Fipkart, shopclues, Myntra etc.  All of them run their own affiliate program to increase their product selling, which anyone can join for absolutely free and earn money by promoting their products.  Promoting any company's products online is called affiliate marketing.

 To create an affiliate account, the company you want to create an affiliate account for, you can search Google by writing affiliate with the company name, and you can create an affiliate account by opening the topmost site.

How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing -

 Let's assume that you have created a Flipkart affiliate account and you also started promoting its products but how will you get money from it?  So let's know how you get money from affiliate.

 When you create an affiliate account with any company, after that you can make a link to any product of that company and your income will be through this link.

 Because whenever someone buys a product from the link you have created, you will get its commison which can be up to 10%, then you have to share that link in such a way that more and more people buy that product from that link.  For that you can do something like this.

 You can create your own youtube channel, and make a review of any product of your choice and upload it on youtube and tell your viewers that 'if you like this product, then there is a link in the description below, you can download it from this  buy and whenever someone sees your video and buys the product from that link you will get your commision

You can create your own blog and place affiliate ads between articles in it, or you can post a review of a product and give a link to that product and say to your visitors that "If you liked this product,  So here is the link you go and buy this product, there is a discount going on right now "Suppose if daily 500 visitors come to your blog, then 5 - 10 of them will buy the product from that link, and its best.  The special thing is that you keep roaming or sleeping somewhere but your income will keep on coming.  And if the ranking of your blog becomes good, 500 - 1000 visitors of daily start coming, then you can earn 50000 to 1 lakh or even more sitting at home.

 If you want, you can promote your products there by creating a facebook group or page or you can also do it by creating a whatsapp group.

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