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Friends, mobile phones are an integral part of our lives today and there are many options for all the needs of the market. The mutual competition of various brands has turned silver for the customers. Without spending much money, you can get phones with features like Dual Camera, 4G VoLTE, Finger Print Sensor within just 10 thousand rupees. In this article, we will tell the top ten phones which are the best in features, performance and quality and that too within just 10 thousand rupees. Fingerprint sensor is available in almost all the phones mentioned in this article.

Redmi Y2 – Number one for selfie lovers is Xiaomi’s Redmi Y2, whose 16MP front camera is not only for perfect selfies but also offers Face Unlock feature. It has a 12MP primary camera and 3080 mAh battery with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. This smartphone with Android Oreo 8.0 and Snap Dragon 625 processor is available in Black, Blue, Gark Grey, Gold and Rose Gold colors. So what are you thinking, with this phone of only 10 thousand rupees, you can also become a selfie king or selfie queen among your friends.

InFocus Vision 3 – This is a phone whose company is American but the phone is Made in India. InFocus Vision 3 With a slim 5.7-inch screen, it has 16+5MP primary and 8MP front camera which do their job very beautifully. 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage might seem a bit low, but the powerful 4000mAh battery and fingerprint sensor make the Vision 3 a good phone. I have been using it as a secondary phone for almost a year but till now there is no problem. This phone can be yours only in 7 thousand rupees.

Tecno Camon iClick – Camon iClick from Hong Kong based Tecno Mobiles is the new entry in our list. As cute as the look of this phone is, its performance is also great. Everywhere the credit for the best photos in every weather or environment goes to the 16MP primary and 20MP selfie camera. 4GB RAM does not allow your phone to hang. On the other hand, 64GB of storage can handle a lot of data and multimedia. The price of this phone with 3750 mAh battery and 6 inch screen is around Rs 9500 and one unique thing is that you get a warranty of 12 not 13 months in it.

Honor 7C – This 32GB model has 3 GB RAM and 3000 mAh battery, which together with Snapdragon 450 processor will give you a memorable performance. Also, its 13+ 2MP dual cameras and 8MP front camera provide excellent picture quality. The specialty of this phone is its strong body, which does not get damaged even if it falls by mistake. This does not mean that you should check the phone by tossing it but you can keep this phone for a long time. Its starting price is 9 thousand rupees.
Moto E5 Plus –Another very cool phone from the Motorola family that has the name of Motorola and the power of 5 thousand mAh super battery and that too with rapid charging feature. You get it in Moto E5 Plus with Snapdragon 430 octa-core processor, 12MP primary camera and 5MP front camera and Change’s Max Vision display. The Moto E5 Plus with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage starts at Rs 9,000. At the same time, Moto E5 is available in 2GB RAM and 16GB storage for only 8 thousand rupees. You can choose your model according to your budget.

10.or G – Even though 10.or is a new brand but has been giving excellent smartphones in low budget. Number 6 is 10.or G, which has both 32GB and 64GB storage variants available under Rs 10,000. 9000 for the 4GB RAM model. At the same time, the phone with 3 GB RAM is available for up to 8 thousand. But despite this, both the models are equipped with 13 + 13MP dual rear camera and 16MP selfie camera. Where its 4000 mAh battery will give you great performance. At the same time, the strong body will keep you tension free and the screen of five and a half inches is there for unimpeded entertainment.

Lenovo K8 Plus – Number 7 is Lenovo K8 Plus, which Lenovo has launched with MediaTek Helio Tez Define Octa Core processor. The K8 Plus’s 13 + 5MP Dual Rear Camera, 8MP Front Camera and that too with Party Flash make your every selfie perfect. Along with 4000 mAh battery and dual nano SIM slot, it also has a dedicated memory card slot. Where 3GB RAM and 32GB storage is available for up to 7 thousand rupees, whereas 32GB storage in 4GB RAM can be made for just 9 thousand rupees.

Redmi 6A – Another phone from Xiaomi is Redmi 6A at number 8. This phone has great graphics and controls for gaming and is accompanied by 3000 mAh battery. The 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera provide great picture quality. Starting from just Rs 7 thousand, this budget phone has a 5.5 inch screen, 2GB RAM and 32GB storage, due to which it has made a good place in the market and in the hearts of the customers. The lack of fingerprint sensor might bother you a bit but at this price this phone is a great offering from Redmi.

Comio X1 Note – Launched in May 2018, Comio X1 Note is number 9 on our list. This phone is somewhat similar to the Moto G Six but its attractive design will fascinate you. Even though the 2900 mAh battery may seem low but its 13 plus 5MP dual rear camera and 8MP front camera with face unlock feature under Rs 8000 is not a bad deal. With 3GB RAM and 32GB storage, this phone is available in Sunrise Gold and Royal Blue colors. There is no fingerprint sensor in it, but if you want to try a new brand, then definitely try this phone.

Samsung On5 Pro – While Samsung is a big name in expensive smartphones, the company has not disappointed even the low budget customers. The perfect and most recent example of this is the Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro. If your budget is limited to 7 thousand rupees then this phone with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage is best suited for you. It has 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, 2600 mAh battery. This phone is a cheap and good option for multitasking and especially for entertainment.

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